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People all over the country gather around pool tables in bars, pool halls, and basements to show off their billiards skills and enjoy these fun and exciting sports. As some of the most popularly played games in the country, billiard sports have created quite the following among fans of all ages. Unlike other sports that are dependent physical strength and fitness, billiard sports put more of an emphasis on the mental agility and calculation, requiring players to think before they act. While the exact origins of billiard sports are not officially known, there is a rich history surrounding these beloved activities. The first known billiard game is believed to have evolved from a game similar to croquet in 14th century Europe. The name “billiards” has its origins in the French words “billart” and “bille,” meaning stick and ball.

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New rod bearings include a single row of 19 balls per bearing for durability and performance.

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