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Just be aware that this table lacks some of the foosball table features and quality parts that some of the other Tornado tables offer like counterbalanced men, thicker cabinet construction, adjustable leg levelers to easily level the table, side ball return, and wooden handles. It seems increasingly impossible to not record what I eat every day. On this occasion I had a buffet of eccentric German breakfast foods, starting with a sugary “joghurt mit tschoko balls”: a tray of vanilla yogurt with a side tray of tiny chocolate spheres, which you fold together to combine. There was some old fashioned chewy bread, and a jar of a mysterious red pollock product called seelachsschnitzel. As an alternative to jam there was a box of thin chocolate sheets, which you can lay on top of slices of bread. Shopman explained, “It’s like a Swiss disease.

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A reset violation behind the ball shall not be considered a reset violation.

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